Veoleo writes about bilingual parenting, children’s literature in Spanish, female entrepreneurship, and storytelling.

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10 Tips & Tricks for Raising Bilingual Kids

Head over to Spanish Mama’s blog to read our latest post We share our tips & tricks and include links to music (for you and them), YouTube videos, car friendly podcasts, and let you know what other Spanish-speaking parents in English-speaking countries are doing globally!

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¡Veoleo Press featured in Voyage ATL!

Veoleo, an indie press, was an idea born of love and honoring. Last January 2018, my grandfather, an immigrant from Colombia, passed away at 94. We have all inherited our innate curiosity from him and my grandmother: we are a family of educators, avid learners, and lovers of languages and cultures. On the day of his funeral, my sister, Alexis, and I, with our significant others, were discussing his many feats and favorite books. This conversation led to one of my personal struggles as a new mom seeking to raise a bilingual baby in the United States: I couldn’t find the right Spanish children’s books for my then 8-month-old.

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