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10 Parents on Why They Buy Bilingual Books

Over at Veoleo Press, we asked parents across the bilingual spectrum why they believed it was worthwhile to buy bilingual books for their babies - and here is what they told us!  

  1. “I want them to learn how LOVE means the same no matter the language they speak.” -IG

  2. “Because I wish that I had access to bilingual books growing up in a bilingual home.” -AM

  3. “I grew up surrounded by books. I want the same for my daughter, but making sure it’s in our language. And because books open the imagination, much more if it’s in two languages.” -LMA

  4. “To expand their Spanish vocabulary beyond the words that we use day to day. And I love the variety of characters from latin cultures.” -AS

  5. “Because my husband can also read them to our kids.” -AC

  6. “We buy bilingual books for our boys in order to expose them to both their home languages, English and Spanish. The majority of books we buy, we choose because of language, cultural relevance and exposure for the boys of their parents home country. Some of the books take their dad’s culture and their mom’s language, creating a blend of both cultures to expose our boys to and give them an opportunity to be reflected in both.” -KLS

  7. “I buy bilingual books so my child can learn, speak, and be proud of both Spanish and English. Raising a child that is multi-racial and multi-cultural, I want to make sure she embraces her Puerto Rican heritage and the Spanish language.” -JGM

  8. “I don’t want to only raise a bilingual child, I want to build pride in her rich heritage.” -AOG

  9. “We buy our kids bilingual books not only because research shows it gives them lasting advantages in learning and problem-solving but mostly because we hope to inspire in them a love of reading, language and learning about other cultures. We want to raise them as global citizens.” - EH

  10. “Living in the US, I want my kids to be in touch with their heritage.” - IGQ

We would love to hear what your reasons are, let us know in the comments below!

Originally posted on LinkedIn on July 12, 2019.